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Star of America State Appointed Titles(Open To ALL States)

How would you like to be part of a pageant system that will change the world one queen at a time?  We are a pageant system that focuses on giving back to those around us.  Our pageant system strives to be a stress-free and fun pageant while creating lifelong memories and friendships.

We currently have state-appointed titles available for every state for our national pageant.

To be eligible for one of our state-appointed titles please email us an age-appropriate (ages 4 and up) email with a letter explaining what volunteering means to you and what you will do with your Star of America State Appointed Title.  Send your email to 

 For those contestants that are under the age of 4 please email us a picture of your princess/prince in their best patriotic outfit.  Please NO Glitz or overly touched-up pictures.  

We are looking for natural pictures. 

Star of America Pageants Appointed Title Requirements

To be considered for a state appointed-title you need to send an email to with the following:

  • Register for a state title (done on this site).

  • An essay of 500 words or less on what community service means to you, what you enjoy doing for community service, and what community service you have done and/or currently are doing.

  • Send us a natural picture of you with little to no touch-ups.

Once we receive your email and you are approved, you will then pay an Appointed State Title Fee.

Once you receive your state title and until the national pageant, you are required to do community service based on the following:

  • Age 0-3 yrs: Community Service is not required but encouraged.

  • Age 4 yrs -17 yrs: Required to turn in a min of 5 hours per month.  You are encouraged to do more than 5 hours.  Must be turned in by the 5th of the following month.

  • Age 16 yrs and up: Required to turn in a min of 10 hours per month. You are encouraged to do more than 10 hours. Must be turned in by the 5th of the following month.


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