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Briley Mitchell Legacy Award

In 2024, Star of America Pageant lost one of our biggest supporters and cheerleaders, Briley Mitchell. Briley was an amazing supporter of all our queens and our organization.  He was always found on the sidelines or behind the scenes, never seeking recognition or awards.  You could find him giving an encouraging word or two to a nervous queen before she hit the stage, giving a hug when one was needed or wanted, helping to find a missing shoe, or sometimes times even a missing parent.  He has helped with photography needs, gofer needs, and so much more.  He will be missed more than can be explained.

Star of America Pageants is looking for those who support the pageant from the sidelines and behind the scenes because we would be lost if it were not for you. Although this person would never want to have the light shined on them, we want to.  

If you know someone who deserves this amazing award, please email Angela at and let us know about them and why they deserve it.

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