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 National Pageant Registration Form

What Is Your Current Title? (If competed at the state pageant)

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Contestant Name*

Full Mailing Address (Full Address Including City, State, Zip)*

Phone Number*

Email Address*

Facebook Name/Email*


Division As Of January (The Year of the National Pageant)*

Parents Name (if under 18 yrs)

Parents Email (if under 18 yrs)

 I Intend To Compete At The National Pageant

We have received your registration and will be sending you an email soon with your next steps.

As the participant or parents (legal guardian) of the participant named above in an official Star of America Pageants, I do hereby agree that if myself or my child win a state pageant title, she is obligated to represent that title at the National Pageant.  Should we elect not to represent that title at the National Pageant, I understand that we forfeit all prizes and rights awarded to that title. I also understand that all monies paid are nonrefundable or transferable.  I further agree to abide by the rules and regulations, directives, and provisions for the winners and participants as set forth in the official Star of America Pageants Handbook.  I agree to hold Star of America Pageants LP,  and its directors and staff members harmless of all damages due to theft, accident, or injury during or resulting from my or my child’s participation in the National Pageant.  I accept the responsibility for the regulation of hours, personal conduct, and activities of myself or my child and affirm that the enclosed forms are true to the best of my knowledge and belief, including birth date, city, and state of residence.  I further understand that any false or misleading information will be a sufficient reason for dismissal from the pageant without a refund. 

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