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National Pageant Scoring

Personal Interview 20%

Contestants will have a one-on-one interview with each of the judges for two minutes. Judging is based on communication skills, personality, and the overall ability to express their thoughts and ideas clearly. This part of the competition is for those contestants 4 years old and older

On-Stage Question 20%

Contestants will be given a question on stage during formal wear. The judges will be looking for you to answer the question with confidence. Make sure you answer in full sentences and show your personality.

Self Introduction 20%

Contestants will have 30 seconds to introduce themselves and show the judges their ability to speak in front of others. This will be done during Opening Ceremonies. Let them know who you are, do this with poise, confidence, and personality.

Modeling 10%

Contestants will show your personality in this fashion modeling. You will want to show your best fashion in Red, White, and Blue. You may use props however they can not be brought on by anyone else you must bring them on and take them off. Your props must compliment your outfit but not be the focal point.

Formal Wear 10%

Contestants will show their grace, poise, and confidence while modeling their formal wear of choice. Contestant models were must not show more than 3” of your stomach or midriff from your waist, have a plunging neckline, a slit higher than 3” from your knee, or open back more than 3” from your waist.

  Be Someone Else’s Light Platform 20%

This part of the competition will be for ages 4 and up

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