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Welcome to Star Of America Pageants

“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could” – Author Unknown.

Star of America Pageants is a pageant system where you are encouraged to be your natural self and show your love for community and family, all while gaining confidence and an extended family.

Star of America Pageants also help you build confidence in yourself to grow into the amazing and strong young ladies/women we know you are.


Our Beautiful Crowns

National Queen's Crown


Our Beautiful Crowns

State Queen's Crown


Our Age Divisions

*Age divisions are determined by 

Jan 1st of the current pageant year.*


Star Princess 0-3 yrs 

Little Miss 4 yrs—5 yrs

Petite Miss 6 yrs—8 yrs 

Jr Teen Miss 9 yrs—12 yrs 

Teen Miss 13 yrs—15 yrs

Miss 16 yrs—18 yrs 

Ms/Mrs 19 yrs—29 yrs

Elegant Ms 30 yrs—39 yrs

Classy Ms 40 yrs - 49 yrs

Majestic Ms 50 yrs and Up

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